You bought the best gear, you carry it every day, but do you know how to even use it?

When you don’t even have time to call 911, when you don’t have time to wait for police to arrive, or like we saw on the news during all the riots= cops just don’t show up, then it’s up to you to protect yourself & your loves ones.

You are the


This class is SOLD OUT ! Comment below if you would like to be added to the list when the next class is announced.


Anyone that I have worked with throughout the years has heard me say this. They also know that before I ever got into the whole Dating and Life Coaching thing I was a full time firearms and tactical instructor, and was the Director of Training at a large firearms education facility in Arizona.
-And I was pretty good at it, so good that I was hired by a private contracting company and travelled around the US helping teach military and law enforcement.

I have been planning on putting together tactical/self defense classes for the last several years, classes that would flow with everything I teach and love. Something that was geared directly for you. Guys who don’t want to spend years trying to learn something they HOPE will work when they need it, but want to learn the things that WILL work when they need it.

Students always ask me, “how did you learn all of this awesome stuff”? Stuff like how to use a flashlight or a even plastic bag as a weapon.

Simple, I learned the hard way, I spent years training with the best instructors in the world! I traveled the US,  spent 6+ figures on training and gear, I broke my nose a few times, and poured out 100’s of gallons of sweat!

Until recently the only way to do any tactical training with me was to book a private 1on1 which costs $2000 a day, or to attend one of the very limited courses I offered the last few years.

But with so many students telling me about the scary things they encounter, things like a mugger demanding cash and phones from him and his date, hearing a hiker who fell down a cliff in the Arizona desert scream for help, stopping a pack of wild dogs in Europe that looking for dinner, and of course long term power outages during one of those “once in a lifetime” storms that killed hundreds= are all things that students faced but were prepared for because they trained.

We all know that things like this happen. Are you preparing for these kinds of situations? Ones that we seem to hear about almost every day on the news? Or are you just crossing your fingers and hoping it keeps happening to others and never you?


Even just something like a loud noise in the middle of the night, who is going to go and make sure everything is safe?

You, or your wife?


How the world has been the last few years, gun sales are higher than ever, and now having a family of my own, I have decided to offer more tactical classes. So I am proud to announce that there is a =


Immediate Responder Training Course Currently Available


The next course will focus on shooting, blade work, and emergency radio communication where I will work side by side with you and you will learn=

  • Precision Handgun Shooting
  • Out to 25 yards, which many guns ranges don’t even go that far!
  • Handgun selection, full size vs compact vs subcompact
  • Single action vs double action vs double/single action
  • Holster selection, outside and inside the waistband, and which brands of holsters to stay away from…ones that could get you killed
  • Weapon presentation, the 5 steps to safely and quickly draw your gun from your holster and get it on target FAST!
  • Safe and correct loading and unloading of your firearm
  • Sight alignment, which most gun owners don’t even know how their sights work, when you don’t need them and when you absolutely need them!
  • Proper trigger control, the 2nd part that most gun owners are clueless about and why they miss the target, even at 5 yards (seen more times than I can count!)


  • Close Quarter Edged Weapon Work
  • Blade selection, pro’s and con’s of a folding knife vs fixed blade, and the best ones of each to carry
  • The 2 main blade grips (forward and reverse) and WHEN you should use them
  • How to use your blade solo and in conjunction with your firearm
  • How to defend yourself from edged weapon attacks
  • All of this also works for improvised weapons, so you can be ready in places where you can’t carry weapons


  • EmComms= Emergency Communication
  • How to talk to others when your cell phone won’t work
  • Cheap Walmart FRS radios, vs MURS radios, vs GMRS radios vs HAM radios and which ones you should stay away from
  • Handheld vs car/home radios
  • How to speed program your HAM Handie-Talkie radio, 1st time I tried it took me hours to program 5 channels, I will teach you how to program 127 channels in a few minutes!
  • The 2 different ways to use it, Simplex and Duplex/ short distance (person to person) and long distances (my record is 380 miles away to a buddy in Utah from my loft in Phoenix!)
  • VHF vs UHF, which frequency you should use in the city, and why you need both
  • Building an emergency comms plan with your loved ones
  • When cell phone towers and the internet go down, this will be your lifeline to the outside world and friends/family and if you don’t have it set up before SHTF, it will be too late after!

I could easily fill up an entire classroom at the gun range where we will be training at, and I have, many times for years. But with this technical level of training there is just no way that I could personally make sure you would get the attention you need to really absorb everything so-

This class is limited to only 6 spots and SOLD OUT !

Here is the info for this course:

  • When: March 25th and 26th 2023
  • Where: Phoenix/Gilbert Arizona
  • What to bring: Your current EDC gear = gun, holster, knife, flashlight (talk to me if you don’t already have these), eye and ear protection (I like these = 3M Safety Glasses , indoor earmuffs without electronic microphone= , with electronics = ), you will also need dummy rounds/snap caps =

    What I provide for you = 100’s of dollars worth of gear!
  • Ammo = so you don’t have to try and fly with it (9mm)
  • Training blade = the same training blade I have used for years, yours to keep!
  • HAM radio = the same one right next to me in my office, the one that I carry in my car, the one I bring with me on trips= yours to keep!
  • Radio programming cable= There are countless crappy ones out in the market, this is the best one, I WISH I would have got when I started out, it has saved me 100’s of hours of programming. I will teach you how to use your computer to program your radio, and all of your loved one’s radios.
  • If you are in the Online Coaching Program, or have ever done any training with me in person, you qualify for a 20% discount!
  • Once you sign up, I will contact you and add you to our private discussion group where you can ask me any questions and I will help prep you for this course. I also have private training videos recorded already online for you to start watching and learning these skills ASAP!




a few pics from previous classes
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  • Future classes will be announced here, but each will cover different topics, so returning students will always be able to practice what they learned, and also train new material